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1. Determine your mission
2. Define your audience
3. Look for an example
4. Build a story
and if this is not enough...
5. Promote your story in the media


You believe in your mission. How to convince others?

You can advertise. Create a world you want others to see it. It will have an effect, but most people won't consider adds as trustworthy.  

So what about showing reality? Storytelling is all about understanding reality and being able to communicate that reality with your audience via Social Media, your own website and other (online) canals. 

Deters Media can compose these stories together with you. You determine your mission. You decide who is your audience. Together we will find the best examples of your business. Let's start filming! 

The best part: mainstream media might even be interested in your story. Deters Media can help designing a free publicity plan. 

Interested? Contact me for an appointment 

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